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"I noticed Derketo's likeness in Phoenicia, a wierd marvel. It is girl for half its length; but the opposite 50 %, from thighs to feet, stretched out within a fish's tail. Although the image inside the Holy Metropolis is solely a woman, as well as the grounds for his or her account are usually not extremely obvious. They take into consideration fish to be sacred, plus they hardly ever consume them; and while they eat all other fowls they do not consume the dove, for they imagine it is actually holy.

Sirenomelia, also known as "mermaid syndrome", is often a exceptional congenital dysfunction through which a toddler is born with her or his legs fused collectively and tiny genitalia.

Rusalkas are definitely the Slavic counterpart with the Greek sirens and naiads.[40] The character of rusalkas varies among folks traditions, but As outlined by ethnologist D.K. Zelenin they all share a common ingredient: These are the restless spirits on the unclean lifeless.[40] They are usually the ghosts of youthful Girls who died a violent or untimely Dying, Most likely by murder or suicide, ahead of their wedding ceremony and especially by drowning. Rusalkas are claimed to inhabit lakes and rivers. They appear as stunning youthful Girls with extended pale green hair and pale pores and skin, suggesting a connection with floating weeds and days used underwater in faint sunlight.

She flings the knife in to the sea and jumps in after it, then commences to dissolve into foam. Then she is transformed into on the list of daughters on the air, ethereal beings who strive to get paid an immortal soul by carrying out good deeds on the globe of Gentlemen.[31]

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The Norman chapel in Durham Castle, built around 1078 by Saxon stonemasons, has what is probably the earliest surviving artistic depiction of a mermaid in England.[18] It may be witnessed over a south-struggling with cash higher than one of the original Norman stone pillars.[19]

Examples from other cultures will be the jengu of Cameroon, the iara of Brazil along with the Greek oceanids, nereids and naiads. The ningyo is often a fishlike creature from Japanese folklore, and consuming its flesh bestows awesome longevity. Mermaids and mermen are characters of Philippine folklore, where they are locally referred to as sirena and siyokoy respectively.

Some tales lifted the problem of no matter if mermaids experienced immortal souls, answering while in the damaging.[26] The figure of Lí Ban appears to be a sanctified mermaid, but she was a individual remodeled into a mermaid.

[fifty three] The Javanese people think that the southern beach in Java is a house of Javanese mermaid queen Nyi Roro here Kidul.[54] The parable of "Pania from the Reef", a famous tale of Māori mythology, has several parallels with tales of sea-folks in other aspects of the globe.

In folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper physique of a female human as well as the tail of a fish.[1] Mermaids look from the folklore of numerous cultures around the globe, such as the In the vicinity of East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The main tales appeared in historic Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis reworked herself right into a mermaid outside of disgrace for unintentionally killing her human lover.

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They are often viewed right after darkish, dancing together under the moon and contacting out to youthful Males by title, luring them into the water and drowning them. The characterization of rusalkas as the two attractive and treacherous is prevalent in southern Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus, and was emphasized by nineteenth-century Russian authors.[forty one][42][43] The ideal-known of The good Czech nationalist composer Antonín Dvořák's operas is Rusalka.

This response would remember to her, and he or she would accordingly relaxed the waters and bid the ship farewell. Every other reply would enrage her, and she would stir up a terrible storm, dooming the ship and every sailor on board.[twelve][thirteen]

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